Karla Dyson (Halle Berry), who works at a restaurant, leads a perfect life with her six-year-old boy, Frankie (Sage Correa). One day she takes Frankie to a carnival. Once I get there, she leaves him alone for a moment to take over an important phone. When Karla returns, she realizes that her son has disappeared, and his toy has lagged behind. She then sees a woman crawling Frankie into a car and trying to follow them to recover her son.
Although Karla is losing her phone, she can not call for help, and her attempts to recover her son alone are repressed by the kidnappers. Karla is then forced to take another path when the woman threatens to kill her boy. Karla hears the rapier’s voice recorded by Frankie’s toy and finds out that it’s called Margo. Karla then sees a police motorcycle nearby.
Hoping to stop the kidnapper’s car, she tries some shake-up maneuvers, but somehow the kidnappers do it to hit the policeman’s motorcycle and leave him unconscious. They eventually stop in a field, and Karla asks the kidnapping man to free his baby and give them a sum of money in exchange for it. However, Margo gets out of the car and forces Karla to go with them, claiming they will receive $ 10,000 in exchange for the boy’s release after they reach the destination.

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