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Kill Switch

Sometime in the far distant future, the physicist and former NASA pilot Will Porter is recruited by Alterplex, a powerful company that has built a massive tower that connects and delivers unlimited quantum energy. It turns out that this unlimited energy does not come even without paying a price … to get the energy, the tower destroys a Earth from a mirror universe with ours, which people refer to as “Ecou”, and it seems the inhabitants of the other Earth have in turn such a tower.
As a result, the two planets practically destroy each other in an attempt to obtain energy. Soon, unexplained strange and unexplained abnormalities begin to appear in the Ecou world, which are also attributed to towers that gain energy from the opposite worlds. In the Ecou world, it would have been assumed that there was no life there, but because of a malfunction the device built a lively planet, and now both Earths are facing imminent destruction.
The solution to avoid both planets being destroyed, one of them must perish in less than a day. Porter is assigned to go to Ecou with a cube-shaped device called Redivider, and it is believed that it will be able to balance somehow the transfer of power between the two universes and bring things back to normal. But he finds out that the device in question is actually a destruction device destined to destroy Echo, and Porter is in a position to choose which of the two universes to be sacrificed for the other to survive.

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