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Kingsman- The Golden Circle

One year has passed since Eggsy Unwin and the secret organization Kingsman saved the world from the evil plan set up by Richmond Valentine. Since then, he has mastered the surnames of his mentor, Harry Hart, Galahad, and lives with the Tilde Princess of Sweden. On his way home, he is attacked by Charlie Hesketh, a former Kingsman recruiter who lost his arm and vocal cords during the Valentine’s incident. Eggsy manages to get rid of Charlie and his men, but the latter manages to get into the electronic system of the organization.
While Eggsy is in Sweden, a series of missiles destroys Kingsman headquarters and kills all agents in the UK. Being the only agents in life, Eggsy and Merlin follow the Doomsday protocol, which leads them to Statesman, an American secret organization that covers a whiskey distillery in Kentucky. There, they discover that Harry survived Valentine’s last year’s shooting, but suffers from amnesia.
Eggsy and Merlin are greeted by the statesman leader, Champagne, and informed of a terrorist organization known as the “Golden Circle.” They begin their mission by watching Charlie’s ex-girlfriend, Clara von Gluckfberg. When Agent Statesman develops some blue irritation, he is replaced by Whiskey agent to be a partner to Eggsy. At the Glastonbury Festival, Eggsy manages to plant a tracking device in a “sensitive” spot of Clare. After several failed attempts to make Harry regain his memory, Eggsy resorts to an extreme gesture.

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