Lazer Team 2

Four years after the events of the first film, D.E.T.I.A. almost entirely lost his financial support, and all employees were fired. The Lazer team also broke up because the four heroes are no longer working together. Woody (Gavin Free) is the only member of the team that has been reprofiled. He, along with Dr. Maggie Whittington (Nichole Bloom), tried to create a space break after an unknown transmission was received and wanted to know its source.
As soon as the breach is made, Woody is taken by an alien being, leaving behind only a helmet. After an unsuccessful attempt to save him, Major Evelyn Kilbourne (Victoria Pratt) is at the forefront of the organization and decides that any project that is associated with the Lazer Team should be stopped immediately. This decision infuriates Maggie who is determined not to let Woody lose forever. When her lab is released, Maggie steals a device called a translocator and starts searching for the other members of the Lazer Team to ask them to help find Woody.
After the team was disbanded, Herman (Colton Dunn) capitalized on his own fame and turned it into a career in marketing. Zach (Michael Jones) has a hair removal company and strives to recapture his former girlfriend, Mindy (Allie DeBerry), and Hagan (Burnie Burns) suffers from depression, feeling that his life has reached a very low point and he wants the team to come together. Maggie manages to assemble the three of them at Hagan where they explain the situation and the reason she needs them.

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