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At Sawyer’s residence, family head, Verna Sawyer (Lili Taylor), organizes a party occasioned by the birthday of the newest family member, Jedidiah. As a gift and to introduce him into the sadistic rituals of his family, he receives a harness and is forced to torture a man whom they accuse him of trying to steal a piglet from them. Jed refuses, however, to do so, being visibly disturbed by the requirement, but the thief is still killed by his grandfather.
A few months later, a young couple of Betty Hartman and Ted Hardesty drive to their family and meet Jed that seems hurt. Betty follows him up to a barn where he is killed by Jed’s family members. A few hours later, her father, Shepherd Hartman (Stephen Dorff), arrives and finds her deceased. As Verna comes to protect her children, Hartman quickly takes Jed as custody in custody and sends him to a mental illness shelter.
Ten years later, a new assistant is just starting to work at the institution. This is Lizzy (Vanessa Grasse), a young woman quickly forming a friendly relationship with patients Bud and Jackson. She comes with the proposal that Jed be released from the institution, but the director refuses. It penetrates with force and causes a riot from which both patients and nurses lose their lives. Lizzy is saved by Jackson who pulls her out safely, but they are then kidnapped by demagogic escapes named Ike and Clarice.

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