Little Evil

A week after his wedding, Gary Bloom, a real estate agent, moves alongside his new wife, Samantha, and her son from a previous marriage, Lucas, a silent little boy who clearly does not like Gary at all. He strives to win Lucas’s affection, but he ignores every attempt. On his way to school, Gary tries again to approach Lucas, but this time he’s also ignored. Gary is then called by the wedding photographer to inform Gary that he has surprised something strange in the pictures.
He urgently calls Gary to see with his eyes. Gary refuses and tells him that she has decided with Samantha to forget all the disaster that happened then and that she can destroy the shootings. Later that day, Gary stops at one of the properties he’s trying to sell, and even if Father J.D. Gospel is determined to buy the property, he has to leave because the headmaster of the Lucas school calls him urgently.
Gary is terrified when he finds out the things his stepfather has made and then finds Lucas has a habit of “pushing people across borders.” A psychiatrist recommends that Lucas go to see a counselor, and Gary, the main source of the boy’s behavior, should do the same. Samantha is very disturbed by the news and feels that everyone, including Gary, is guilty of Lucas for everything that happens, even if he is guilty or not.

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