Logan Lucky

Jimmy Logan, is an unskilled worker who once had a promising career in football, but he was cut short because of an injury and is now fired from his job. While visiting his ex-wife, Boobie Jo, to get her daughter, Bobbie and her new husband intend to move to Lynchburg and, as a result, will find it harder to see her child.
Furious, Jimmy goes to a bar led by his brother Clyde, a veteran of the Iraq War who has left physical sects for this. Max Chilblain, a pretentious British businessman, arrives with his friends and insults Clyde, and then takes a fight with Jimmy. Meanwhile, Clyde gives them a car bomb with a molotov cocktail. The next day, Jimmy explains the plan he planned to rob Speedway, the former company he worked on, and where he knew everything he was doing there.
Clyde accepts his brother’s plan and, together with Jimmy, recruits Joe Bang, a jailbreak guard, and his brothers Sam and Fish, and their own sister, Mellie. They intend to take him out of jail and take him back after implementing his plan, before anyone notices that he has gone out. Clyde is left arrested and imprisoned under a minor accusation to get to Joe, and Mellie, Sam and Fish are starting to implement the plan.

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