Long Shot

Charlotte Field is a great diplomat and one of the most influential women on the planet. Fred is an idealistic and unconventional journalist. Nothing unites them, except that she was his first love. After a fortuitous reunion, his sense of humor will captivate Charlotte, who will hire him to write his speeches. Against all odds, the chemistry between a Fred misplaced by luxury and the spotlights, and a Charlotte who aspires to the US presidency. It will become a risky romance. As if it were a modern fairy tale, the new comedy by Jonathan Levine (The Three Bad Kings) proposes a more than unlikely romance between an intelligent, influential woman with ample capacity to be president of the United States, and a Free-spirited journalist, who can hardly take the reins of his own life, of which in his youth he was a nanny and first love. Despite being light years away in any classification of power, success or attractiveness, the sense of humor and the idealistic spirit and fighter that share will end up distilling a chemistry that, inevitably, will lead them to live an intense relationship while traveling all over the world. The Oscar-winning Charlize Theron (Tully) and Seth Rogen (The Disaster Artist) waste complicity while unleashing their comic talent in a fun and irreverent film that rightly combines emotions and a political background. They are accompanied by a solvent secondary cast consisting of Bob Odenkirk (The Pentagon Archives), Andy Serkis (Black Panther) and Alexander Skarsgard (The Day to Come), among others.

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