Look Away

Maria Brennan (India Eisley) is a retired girl who does not talk to her high school colleagues and is considered a freak, constantly harassed by other students, especially by her classmate, Mark (John C. MacDonald). Maria has a single girlfriend, Lily (Penelope Mitchell), who envies her highs and has a secret affection for her boyfriend, Sean (Harrison Gilbertson). At home, Mary frequently suppresses her emotions over her parents; father Jason Isaacs, a plastic surgeon and perfectionist, and her mother, Amy (Mira Sorvino), who suffers from depression and pretends to know nothing of her husband’s adventures.
Maria accidentally discovers a sonogram of a pair of twins and begins to hear voices from the reflection of her mirror, Airam, which is far more beautiful, more charismatic and more aggressive than she. Maria is terrified in the first phase, but then she finds comfort in the vigorous discussions she has with Airam, which raises her morale very much, making her face her fears of the subconscious and the feelings hidden in herself.
After being left by Lily – who knew about Mary’s feelings about Sean – and being humiliated by Mark at the ball, Maria agrees to change the place with Airam, the latter promising them that she will solve all her problems. Airam begins to seek vengeance against the people who mistaken Mary and takes control of every aspect of her life that has made her unhappy. But while doing all this, Mary is now trapped in the mirror and can no longer regain control, so Airam is completely unleashed and unstoppable.

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