Looking Glass

Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney interpret two husbands, Ray and Maggie, who have recently gone through a tragedy and, in response, decide to take their life from scratch in the Arizona desert where they buy a motel. As it installs and explores the area, Ray discovers a “private office” whose door is nailed and chained. Because no key matches that door he tries other ways to open it.

Once inside the mysterious room, he makes an exciting breakthrough: a large enough tunnel that you can just walk through and the destination is a mirror-like room that can see customers in a particular room without him be seen in turn. This revelation makes Ray ignore the angles of his better nature and soon begins to spy on his clients, especially two masochistic lesbians who make love.

Things are degenerating when one of the women that Ray has spied on is found dead. Also, the neighbors who have a gas station near their motel do not look at the arrogant and sometimes rude Ray at all. Soon the police are starting to feel their presence in the area, and as the events unfold, Ray is trying to find out what’s happened. This situation does not bring anything good for the marriage of the two and so put into a tough trial, but Ray’s obsession threatens mental health and life.

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