By the 1990s, a kid named Stevie was raised by his single mother, Dabney, and has a brother who behaves aggressively and is very passionate about fitness. One day, Stevie sees a group of young people who skate and seem to be very united. He admires the unity and friendship that seems to exist between them so that, at home, he makes certain exchanges with his brother to get a skateboard and make his entry into that group.
He first joins the group, Ruben, and then meets the others. Even if he does not know about this sport, he is accepted into the group and hopes that he will be able to integrate with them, copying their antisocial and reckless lifestyle. After a while, Ruben begins to envy him and feels that his position is threatened by the arrival of the new lieutenant. When he’s trying a risky stunt, Stevie falls and hits his head seriously.
Dabney is worried about her husband’s embarrassing behavior and entourage in which Stevie entered, but he is determined to stay with his new group of friends. Ian, Stevie’s brother, has a tense confrontation with one of the group leaders while Stevie looks at it, but Ian seems to be intimidated by the skate group and leaves before a fight begins. She begins to smoke and drink, even experimenting with marijuana. After Stevie returns home in a dizzy home, he quarrels violently with Ian, and the latter succumbs emotionally when Stevie replies that he has no friends.

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