Dani and Christian form a couple of young Americans who are not going through their best moments. To overcome this critical moment, they travel with friends to a remote Swedish village, where a summer festival known as the Midsommar has been held for 90 years. But what were going to be an idyllic holiday in a place where the sun does not set, becomes a dark nightmare when the inhabitants of that region invite them to participate in their disturbing festive activities. Starring Florence Pough (the unforgettable Katherine of the recent Lady Macbeth, now immersed in the filming of Black Widow), and Jack Reynor (Detroit, Sing Street), who are accompanied by a cast formed by Will Poulter, William Jackson Harper or Ellora Torchia, among others, Midsommar is the second feature of the director and screenwriter Ari Aster, after last year surprised with the elegant and terrifying Hereditary (2018). Based on the Midsommar holiday, which is held every year in Sweden to celebrate the arrival of summer – it would be something like our St. John’s Night -, the Aster movie once again dives on the most perverse side of human nature , with superstition and religion again in the first place, and with the added difficulty of displaying all this darkness in broad daylight (in the wave of pioneering films like Who can kill a child? and Cannibal Holocaust, although as references are also cited Wicker Man or The Forest). Shot in US locations. UU. and Hungary between August and October 2018, Midsommar can consolidate Aster within that quarry of young American directors, such as Jordan Peele, Robert Eggers or Trey Edward Shults, who are renewing independent horror movies.

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