Mile 22

Secret Operations Officer James Silva leads an Overwatch code-named intervention team that aims to infiltrate a Russian conspiratorial house belonging to the FSB and located in America. Under the supervision of James Bishop, Overwatch’s mission is to locate and destroy a transport of radioactive substances before they are turned into lethal weapons with the ability to kill thousands of people. The team kills those in the conspiracy house, but one of the members is murdered, and Alice Kerr is injured.
A year and a little later, an Indonesian police officer named Li Noor surrenders to the US Embassy to negotiate a safe exit from the country for valuable valuable information. Noor seems to be Alice’s basic man and reveals that his disk contains information about radioactive substances, but to give them the code he asks to be removed from the country.
The information on the disk will self-destruct in a few hours and will become useless if it is not used in time. While Noor is being tested, Alice is trying to solve some family problems. Axel, leading a team from the Indonesian Intelligence Agency, arrives at the Embassy and asks Noor to be handed over to them. Overwatch agent Sam Snow and Alice arrive at the scene, being shocked by Noor’s fighting capabilities and finding that he was a member of the Indonesian Special Forces.

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