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Molly’s Game

Molly Bloom is forced by her father to become a skier and is very close to qualifying at the 2002 Winter Olympics, but a severe injury puts prematurely on her promising career. Instead of following her initial law-making plan, Molly decides to take a free year and move to Los Angeles. As soon as she gets there, she is hiring a waitress at a club where she meets an unsuccessful businessman named Dean.
She then becomes Dean’s office manager and he’s involved in illegal poker games. Many famous and wealthy people participate in Dean’s poker games. Molly is making a lot of money only from the backpacks. At first, she has no idea about the poker topic, but she learns quickly how to make the poker players give her tips. She even hopes to thank the most successful player, Player X, by attracting new entrants.
Dean, seeing Molly become more and more independent in managing the games, tries to control her and then dismisss her. Thanks to the years spent there and the contacts she has made over the years, Molly decides to create her own poker games. She rents a penthouse from a hotel and hires staff to help with the games. Player X and many other players go to Dean to participate in Molly’s games, enjoying great success and earning more money than he ever dreamed. But with the success of the wire and the FBI.

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