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Monster Family

The story begins in Transylvania where Count Dracula complains to his bats servants about the loneliness that surrounds him. Suddenly, he receives a call from a woman named Emma Wishbone who missed the number, she wants to call a monster costume shop. She attracts the Count’s interest without wanting to. Being in a bad luck, Emma is unloading her soul to a worker named Cheyenne.
Desiring to have a happy family again, Emma makes some monster costumes for her and her family – she will be the vampire, the husband Frankenstein, the mummy daughter and the werewolf son. They would wear these costumes at a party presented by Cheyenne. Although the family is not so excited about it, they eventually arrive at their destination. Unexpectedly, they are treated as excellent stars, but soon realize that they have been confused with a rock band that has the theme of monsters.
Eventually they are kicked out and Emma succumbs nervously. Evening becomes even worse when Baba Yaga arrives and turns Emma into a vampire, but with a transforming curse because Dracula wanted Emma to be a vampire but to keep her soul. The spell works, but unexpectedly the other members of the family are transformed into the monsters they were interpreting. Angry, Emma is looking for Baba Yaga as her family breaks out to visit places in the city.

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