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In a house that was recently fired, He, an acclaimed poet who is currently experiencing a lack of inspiration, places a crystal object on a pedestal. The house is immediately transformed and seems to be newly renovated. In one bed, Mother wakes up and wonders where He is. She soon begins to see things around the house that deeply disturb her, such as viewing a heartbeat from the walls.
One day, the Man appears in front of their house and asks for a room. He accepts, and the Mother has no choice but to obey. During his stay, the man has several coughs, and Mama observes a certain injury to him. The next day, the wife of Barnatha, the Woman, also comes to live there. The mother becomes increasingly frustrated with the presence of unwanted guests, but he begs her to allow them to stay, promising her that the guests are fans of his work, and that the male guest is dying and wished to know him.
However, when the Man and Woman accidentally break the crystal object from the beginning, Mama decides to give them out. The two sons of the couple arrive and begin to quarrel about the will left by their father. The Holy One, who will not receive anything, seriously hurts the Mai Little Brother, and seems to run away, while He, the Man and the Woman take the wounded son to take him to the hospital. Eventually, more and more people start to appear in Mother’s life and behave in a way that terrifies her.

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