Mothering Sunday

March 30, 1924, Beechwood (England). The Niven couple belonging to the English aristocracy and who have lost her children in the war, are preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day and the engagement of Paul, the son of her neighbors, with Emma Hobday. The Nivens have given the day off to their maid, Jane Fairchild, orphaned at birth and, for seven years, Paul’s lover. With the house empty, Paul and Jane meet for the first time in Paul’s bedroom. The young couple will unleash their clandestine passion knowing that the adventure is coming to an end and that it will be their last day as lovers.
Spring in Beechwood is a British drama that has a script by Alice Birch and is based on the homonymous novel by Graham Swift published in Spain as Mother’s Sunday by Editorial Anagrama. Olivia Colman (The Father) and Josh O’Connor (God’s Land) had previously worked together playing Queen Elizabeth II and her son, Prince Charles, in the acclaimed series The Crown (2016).

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