Mowgli- Legend of the Jungle

In the jungle, Kaa snake looks at how Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger, violates the law of the jungle and kills a family of people, but the child of that family manages to escape with life. Panther Bagheera, arrived at the scene, rescues the young man, Mowgli, and it leads him to a family of wolves who get it and you grow as were a member of their family, led by Nisha and Vihaan. Only Tabaqui, the hiena creature loyal to Shere Khan, discovers the human chicken, but is driven away by the wolves.
Then, little Mowgli is brought before the council wolves and Akela, the leader of the pack, to decide its fate, and Bagheera guarantees for him and co-opt the bear Baloo to help. Shere Khan comes to kill Mowgli, but Akela stops him and says that the boy is now a member of the family of wolves and render the tiger to leave, but he swears he will return and things will not stay that way.
For many years, Mowgli lives and grows in the pack of wolves. One day he goes swimming alone and meets Shere Khan. He tries to kill him, but Mowgli escapes and is brought home by Bagheera. Although Baghera confesses to Mowgli that he is a man and that it would be better for him to go to the village of people, Mowgli responds that he wishes to be a wolf. He says he will leave the jungle only if he fails in the attempts of the pack that would determine whether or not he can become a full member of the pack.

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