A childhood accident seriously injures Leo’s neck. Amish’s devoted mother refuses the surgery that would save him, so Leo is failing to speak. As an adult in 2035, he works as a bartender in a strip club in Berlin and has a relationship with a waitress there named Naadirah. She hopes friend Luba will not tell Leo about her shadowy past or desperate need for money.

After Stuart, a rude customer, sexually harasses Naadirah, Leo attacks him. It calms Leo telling him that he needs to keep his job. Maksim, the owner of the club, threatens Leo that he will be harmed if he still causes problems at work. Naadirah appears on the door of Leo’s door crying and trying to tell him something important; Leo tells him that as long as he does not leave him then it’s nothing important and makes him a gift.

Elsewhere, Maksim’s mobs meet with two American surgeons known as Cactus Bill and Duck, who run a clinic that operates on the black market. Bill desperately wants to leave Berlin and press Maksim to get fake documents for him and his daughter, Josie. Duck, however, feels good in the German capital and has a complementary business. After a while, worried that he can not contact Naadirah again, Leo is looking for Luba, but he refuses to help him.

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