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Supplementary professor Rob Anderson gets the job of becoming a full-time teacher, but he does not want to engage in such a long-term task so demanding. He and his fiancé, Doctor Megan Swope, go to Charleston, South Carolina, to unite their destinies the next day. Megan’s father does not agree that his daughter marries Rob, being an influential businessman named Reginald.
To make his disapproving opinion known again, he invited the party to Megan’s ex-boyfriend, a highly successful career man named Cody. Rob goes out to town with his best friend and future knight of honor, Benny, to enjoy the last night of bloating. The problem is the next morning when Rob wakes up naked at the elevator of a hotel very far away from the church where he would marry.
He is arrested for exibitionism, but when the church bells knock, he is pulled back in time, waking up again in that elevator, a shotgun empty, but an hour earlier. Rob is in a time loop and is reliving this hour indefinitely. Desperate to finally get to the wedding, Rob tries to adjust gradually to this situation. When he finds out that no wedding has ever been canceled at that church, he thinks maybe it is a sign from God to cancel his wedding itself.

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