Next Gen

In a futuristic city called Grainland, a girl named Mai Su is living an ideal life with her parents, until a quarrel breaks and her father leaves. Over the next few years, her mother, Molly, laments the husband’s departure and buys very advanced robots, neglecting Mai. This makes May hate robots very much, being considered a stranger among classmates, because soon robots replace everything – from police officers to teachers.
Some years later, She’s still a rebellious teen, and Molly seems to be no longer interested in May’s feelings. She and Molly go together to the Gen 6 Q-Bots launch event. Maybe, completely disinterested in what happens there, decides to get out of line and destroys a robot without wanting. After being routed by security robots, she decides to flee to Dr. Tanner Rice’s secret lab where he has developed a robot: Project 7723.
After being annoyed by his assistant, Q-Bot Alfredo, Dr. Rice leaves the lab that he decides to investigate. While inspecting the 7723, she activates it accidentally. He is finally caught by a Q-Bot security and brought back to the event, leaving behind the backpack of the girl. At the launch, IQ Robotics’ charismatic CEO, Justin Pin, presents the new Q-Bots, Generation 6. After a while, 7723 leaves Rice’s secret lab to return May’s backpack, and this escapade causes panic .

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