Night School

Teddy had a lack of concentration during a high school high school test and decided to give up on continuing. Many years later, in his day, he has built a decent career that helps him earn enough money to avoid big gaps, but he does not win as well as let him see from the outside. He is in a relationship with a woman full of money, and when he wants to ask for a wife, an accident occurs in the store he was supposed to take, changing his life completely.
Now left without a job, Teddy learns from his good friend, Marvin, that he could hire himself for the investment firm he works for, but he needs a diploma. Teddy goes to his high school with the thought of being able to persuade the new director to simply give him the diploma he needs to get involved.
His problem is that the new director is even Stewart, a former classmate that Teddy has constantly played, so his plans start from the start. By an article he enters the evening and learns the courses taught by the unorthodox Carrie. Unfortunately, he continued to have this problem by focusing on courses. At the same time, he tells Lisa that he’s already engaged with Marvin’s company, but he works secretly at a local fast food to get money.

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