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November Criminals

The film begins with Addison’s main character, Ansel Elgort, who tells of his mother’s death. Nowadays, Addison is in the last year of high school, and her best friend, Phoebe (Chloe Grace Moretz), is one of the most popular in the school. Speaking in a car about the days to attend college, Addison complains to Phoebe that she does not even have eyes for him, and this, to his surprise, proposes to become “friends with benefits” to lose her virginity together.
Before going to action, the two stop at a cafe where Addison meets an African-American friend named Kevin (Jared Kemp). While Addison and Phoebe consume their consumption, a guy shows up on a motorcycle who kills Kevin. Addison’s world is upset again and immediately begins a detective work, which worries his father (David Strathairn), annoys Phoebe’s mother (Catherine Keener) and makes the school principal (Terry Kinney) suspend him .
Exploring Addison of the Drug Trafficker World in Washington D.C. is presented in a rather racist manner. When Addison, having Phoebe after him, appears in a place where drugs are produced and distributed, Bo manager looks at Phoebe and asks Addison if it is a gift for him, which does not make him too well to either Addison or his girlfriend.

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