Ocean’s 8

After she leaves Prison, Debbie Ocean, the younger sister of the late Danny Ocean, meets her ex-partner, Lou, to convince her to join him in a robbery he planned while he is in jail. Debbie and Lou are recruiting their former partners, Rose Well, a trendy fashion designer, Amita, a jeweler who wants to move as soon as possible from his mother’s home, Nine Ball, a computer expert, Constance, a pocket tavern and swindle, and Tammy, a girlfriend of Debbie.
Debbie plans to steal a 150-million-dollar necklace to be worn at Met Gala in five weeks. After the team tricks the co-presenter of the gala, Daphne Kluger hires Weil as a stylist, she and Amita go to the necklace company to persuade her to let Daphne wear it in the gala.
Debbie is looking for Claude Becker, an art merchant for whom she was first in jail. She makes Daphne invite Becker as his partner at the gala. Lou realizes that Debbie wants to revenge Becker, but Debbie assures her that everything will be fine. Weil soon discovers a problem in their plan, and to solve it, Nine Ball recruits her younger sister, Veronica, to help design a special device.

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