Official Secrets

2003. Katharine is a translator of the British government that receives an email from the US authorities with guidelines to spy on UN members and, thus, force a resolution that will allow them to invade Iraq. Determined to avoid an illegal war, Katharine filters the mail to the press. After being discovered, they stop her and accuse her of violating the Law of Official Secrets. From that moment, he will start a legal battle in which his life, his freedom and his marriage will be at stake. Become an expert when it comes to addressing the most controversial aspects of international politics in stories of tension and suspense typical of thriller, Gavin Hood (Spies from the sky) directs a thrilling film based on real events. State Secrets tells the case of Katharine Gun, a British intelligence translator who received a document from the Bush administration urging the UK government to spy on the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council and, in that way, force a resolution that would give the green light to the invasion of Iraq. The story of this woman, who was accused of violating the Law of Official Secrets for leaking this information to the press and trying to avoid war, becomes a film about the integrity of a person against cynicism and the tejemanejes of the institutions where Elements of espionage cinema, journalistic research or judicial drama are combined. Oscar nominee Keira Knightley (The day to come) leads a cast completed by Matthew Goode (Downton Abbey), Katherine Kelly (The Infiltrator), Matt Smith (Terminator: Genesis) and the candidate for two Ralph Fiennes Academy Awards ( Holmes and Watson), among others.

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