Once Upon a Time in Venice

Steve Ford (Bruce Willis) is a private detective in Venice Beach who most of the time seems to waste time with his best friend Dave (John Goodman). But occasionally he also solves some small mysteries that come to him. When his dear dog is kidnapped by a drug dealer, Spyder (Jason Momoa), Steve tries his best to recover the dog, but to do so he has to carry out more missions in favor of the kidnapper.
In addition to recovering the dog, Ford’s investigations lead him to find and bring to safety a beautiful jam (Jessica Gomes) and unveil a street artisan that makes graffiti on buildings. The victim is “Lou the Jew” (Adam Goldberg), a real estate developer who becomes agitated by the pornographic paintings that always appear on the apartment buildings he is trying to sell, so he resorts to hiring Ford to find him .
By making a deal with Spyder to return the dog if Ford helps him recover some of the drugs stolen from him, Ford takes him with his friend who is currently undergoing a very difficult divorce and trying to make him forget the existential problems and put his mind in other things. Thus, Ford and Dave begin their mission of finding the thief and capturing him so he can reclaim his dear dog.

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