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Only the Brave

When a forest enters fire, the firefighters can not just blow the flames by throwing water like on the buildings. Instead, they must keep this hell under control by making a line over which the flames can not pass, and ultimately, the fire is extinguished by itself – a strategy to fight fire against the fire that falls upon the burden a special fire brigade specially trained to fight this type of fire.
The film tells the story of such a team, “The Hills of the Granite Mountains,” and documents their progress from a local firefighter team in Arizona to the first line of fire fighting at Yarnell Hill, one of the strongest forest fires in history. Led by Captain Eric Marsh (Josh Brolin), a group that includes a new recruiter who had problems with drug use in the past and Marsh wants to give him a second chance (Miles Teller), these imperfect heroes have bravado and weights from everyday life.
While Marsh is fighting the flames and risking his life every time he is in duty, Amanda’s wife (Jennifer Connelly) is waiting for him at home with his mouth and leading the farm they have together. Even if she seems fragile, Amanda is just as strong and has an iron will, like any man who is part of her husband’s intervention team.

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