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Ren Amari is a boss at a technology company he co-founded with Sam entrepreneur. Using nanotechnology, Ren invents a virtual form of virtual reality called “OtherLife” that can create realistic memories. A week after launching the product, she is still trying to solve certain problems by doing experiments on her own, but under the close supervision of Byron Finbar engineer. Without the knowledge of others, she tests privately the product and her brother, Jared, who is in brain death.
Ren hops that her memories will help her recover, even if her father, a professor whose work she has done for the OtherLife concept, would like to stop the machines that keep Jared alive. Despite these problems, her romantic relationship with a colleague named Danny begins to squeak. Sam tells investors to other investors by telling them that they can promote the product as an almost instantaneous experience that can last for several days.
Ren is terrified when Sam suggests that he should get a license for the government to use the product as an alternative to prisons: detainees would be captive for many years in their own minds and eliminate the overcrowding of prisons. While he’s alone with Danny, Ren explains his research and shares a ski simulation. Pleasantly, Danny tries another unsupervised simulation, not knowing that he is, in fact, the one Ren had conceived for Jared.

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