Outlaw King

In 1304 after Christ, following the siege of Stirling Castle, John Comyn, Robert Bruce and all Scottish nobility surrendered to Edward I of England. The King promises to return the lands confiscated to the nobles in return for tribute from them. During the celebration, Bruce has a little bit of an altercation with the Prince of Wales, and the King gives Bruce his finery, Elizabeth de Burgh. The King and the Prince leave Scotland, and soon Elizabeth comes to marry Bruce, but on the wedding night Bruce refuses to marry his new wife.
Two years later, while collecting the fees, Bruce notices how unpopular the English are, and begins to plan a rebellion against them. He talks about the problem with his family that agrees with him, including here even the English Elizabeth. Bruce tries to persuade Lord de Badenoch to join him, but Comyn, in addition to refusing him, threatens to tell Edward about the plan.
Angry, Bruce kills Lord. This incident obliges Scottish clergy to offer Bruce a pardon provided he takes over the crown of the King of Scotland. Bruce accepts the deal, but soon Edward learns of these things and declares Bruce a prostitute, sending his son to destroy any attempt of rebellion. Bruce calls for a noble gathering, but most refuse to violate his oaths to Edward. Although he does not have much support, Bruce is heading to Scone where he is going to be crowned.

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