Kate Sullivan is a celibate mother who grows three daughters and has two jobs. She is assigned to clean the carpets on a yacht owned by Leonardo Montenegro, a spoiled and arrogant playboy. Leo has some rude remarks about Kate and dismisses her without paying her salary when she refuses to serve her. After Kate reacts and reproaches his nasty behavior, Leo pushes her overboard with cleaning equipment.
Meanwhile, in Mexico, the sisters of Leo, Magdalena and Sofia, care for their sick father. Magda is angry when she finds out that Leo is nominated to run the family company after his father’s death, so he decides to make a visit. That night, Leo slides off the yacht and falls into the ocean. He then wakes up on a beach with total amnesia, not even mentioning his own name. He wanders through the city and eventually arrives at a nearby hospital.
Magda finds him and leaves him there without saying anything when he learns he has amnesia. She returns home and remembers everyone that Leo has died, but Sofia is not convinced of it. Kate and Theresa see a story about Leo’s situation and offset Leo’s inappropriate behavior with Kate, they set up a scheme to trick him and make him think he’s married to Kate. They go to the hospital and convince both Leo and nurses when Kate correctly identifies a tattoo in a hidden area.

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