Pacific Rim Uprising

Ten years after the Battle of the Breach, things seem to have somewhat rested in the oceans as well as on the shore, but quiet is just an appearance, as the stress of the return of the giant monsters does not let man breathe easy and is constantly seeking solutions for to defend themselves in case of monsters coming back. As a result, even if they have achieved an important victory in the fight with giant creatures ten years ago, the Jaeger program has been greatly improved and has become the world’s most important global defense weapon at this time, being the only hope of mankind -and assure survival when Kaiju returns.

But things degenerate when one of the Jaegers throws it off and acts on their own, and Breza seems to have been open to something (or someone) for the monsters to be able to reappear. Jack Pentecost, the son of the renowned Stacker, is recruited to fly his Jaeger and fight against Kaiju, who also evolved to those who appeared ten years ago. It depends on the fate of mankind and will do everything in its power to prevent the disappearance of the human race and to maintain the inheritance of his father.

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