In 13th-century Afghanistan, Jalaluddin Khilji of the Khilji dynasty plans to take over the throne in Delhi. His nephew, Alauddin Khilji, brought him a whole ostrich, though he was asked to bring only a wedge to him. Instead, he asks his wife Jalauddin’s daughter, Mehrunisa. Their wedding is organized, but on the night of the great event, Alauddin has one night’s adventure with another woman. Someone witnesses to his adultery, but he does not manage to live too much to tell.

However, Mehrunisa learns about adultery during the wedding and is stunned. Meanwhile, in the Sinhala (current Sri Lanka), Princess Padmavati accidentally injures Rajput ruler, Maharawal Ratan Singh, whom he confuses with a deer while hunting in a forest. She takes it to take care of her wound, and she confesses her identity and the reason she traveled to Sinhala. After a while, although he is married, the two fall in love with one another.

Ratan asks her husband Padmavati, and she accepts this with her father’s blessing. Jalaluddin takes over the Delhi throne and sends Alauddin to reject a Mongol invasion. He manages to do this, but he also does a raid on Devagery. Jalaluddin is informed of the ambitions of Alauddin to take over the throne from his wife and nephew. He then goes to Kara to meet Alauddin and offers the slave MalikKafur. Alauddin then orders that Jalaluddin and his deeds be killed, and then proclaim himself the new Sultan.

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