Patient Zero

After an epidemic caused by a mutation of rabies that spreads from animals to humans, mankind is about to lose this war. People who are biting turn into just 90 seconds in creatures. Morgan (Matt Smith) was in the car with his wife when they were attacked. He was infected by bite, but he retained his humanity and gained the ability to speak the tongue of the creatures instead.
In an attempt to find an antidote to save mankind, including his infected wife, Morgan and a CDC doctor, along with what is supposed to be what’s left of the army, captures the infected and interrogates them. CDC Virologist Gina Rose (Natalie Dormer) is disturbed by the tensions between her, Morgan and Colonel Knox (Clive Standen). It becomes obvious that Dr. Rose and Col. Knox had a relationship some time ago, hence the tensions between them.
His jealousy of the relationship between Rose and Morgan causes some hostility in their group. As he interrogates an infected person, Col. Knox shoots him deadly because he does not cooperate with them. Later, Knox realizes that Rose has feelings about Morgan and reproaches him. Approaching finding the patient from whom all this madness started, Morgan’s wife is kept in a cage in the basement of their base. She is treated with various experimental remedies derived from Morgan’s blood that appears to be immune to infection.

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