An unidentified woman is engaged in a brutal battle with a man in a car and finally escapes him with a shot in the head. Five years earlier, the same woman, Riley North, works as a banker in Los Angeles and strives to make a decent life. Her husband, Chris, has a car shop that goes to bankruptcy slowly and surely. The two have a ten-year-old girl called Carly.
Chris’s boyfriend tries to convince him to rob Diego Garcia, a powerful drug lord. Chris refreshed it, but not before Garcia discovers that he also had some involvement and ordered his people to solve it and show it as an example. Riley and Chris take Carly to a carnival for her birthday because none of the guests invited to her party came. When they go to the car to leave, Diego’s men appear and shoot Chris and Carly deadly, and Riley hurts her severely, but she gets out of his life.
Despite the injuries suffered, Riley is able to identify those who have opened fire on them. Case detectives are hesitant to go on with complaints about their names because they are part of Garcia’s group and have a great influence. Eventually, the attackers are cleared of the fairy tale, and from frustration Riley tries to attack herself, but she is arrested and sent to an institution of mental illness.

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