Peter Rabbit

In the Lake District of England, the Peter Rabbit, his cousin Benjamin and his three triple sisters – which can be distinguished by the color of each jacket – Flopsy (red), Mopsy (yellow) and Cottontail (turquoise) spend most of their time fighting the gardener Mr McGregor and stealing his vegetables, especially carrots. They are friends with a local woman named Bea, an artist painting the bunnies, but also various landscapes of nature, being very passionate about the environment.

Drinking is a kind of mother for bunnies because that’s because parents died a while ago. One day, Peter accidentally drops his jacket into McGregor’s garden and goes back to recover it. McGregor catches Peter, but suffers a sudden heart attack that takes his life. Shortly after, Peter invites all his fellow men to take control of his garden and even his home by making headlines.

Meanwhile, in London, McGregor’s nephew, Thomas, receives detachment of his uncle’s death, but when he finds out that his property is very valuable, he decides to restore it and take advantage of it, selling it at a price and the money to use them to set up a toy store to rival the one he currently works with and where he failed to get the promotion he wanted. He drives Peter and his friends out of the house and tries to put fences around the garden to Bea’s discontent.

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