Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Five years away from the events on On Strangers Tides, Henry is working on a British royal battle ship. While pursuing a pirate ship, Henry realizes that they are about to be led by the Captain to the Devil’s Triangle. The captain ignores Henry’s warnings and charges him with the attempt to undermine power. As they enter the triangle, they set off a wreck that immediately catches life and the ghost sailors, led by Captain Salazar, appear.
The phantom crew jolts in the ship and kills everyone who gets out of their way. Henry is confronted by Salazar who sees a poster with Jack Sparrow in his cell. He spares Henry so that he can deliver a message to Sparrow that death will come after him. In Saint Martin, a young woman named Carina Smyth was sentenced to death for witchcraft because of her scientific knowledge of astronomy and horology.
She escapes from the cell where she was held and meets briefly with Jack who is in the process of looting a bank with his crew. Jack and his crew manage to flee the British Army, but they realize that the safe they stole is empty. Jack’s team drops him because he thinks he’s unlucky and does not deliver anything he’s promised. Carina later meets with Henry, who was also sentenced to death for alleged treason on the royal ship and tells her that she knows a way to find the Trident.

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