Playmobil- The Movie

Charlie and Marla are two brothers who, by a strange event, immerse themselves in the magical animated universe of Playmobil. Marla must find her lost brother but now she is barely 7 centimeters and everything she sees around her is inexplicable to her: Vikings, pirates, dinosaurs … As she advances in her search, Marla will make new friends: Del, el quack food truck cook; the handsome secret agent Rex Dasher, a wholehearted robot; An extravagant fairy godmother and many more. Playmobil: The film is the first film based on the famous articulated dolls. The film combines real action with 3D animation. The German Hans Beck created these mythical characters in the 1970s, toys that have accompanied several generations of children from all over the world who have lived thousands of adventures with them and now you can see them on the big screen. Marla, the protagonist, will tour the classic scenarios of this magical universe such as the pirate ship, the Rome of the gladiators or the West Hall. Lino DiSalvo, the director of ´Enredados´ and head of animation in ´Frozen. The kingdom of ice ‘is put behind the camera to narrate this epic adventure full of humor and action by these iconic and tiny characters.

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