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Please Stand By

Wendy is very passionate about Star Trek movies and is more determined than ever to make this passion known to the world. She also suffers from autism, and for this reason her recently-born sister does not want to let her stay close to her baby because Wendy has trouble controlling her anger episodes. Wendy learns about a competition sponsored by the Paramount movie studio for potential new screenwriters.
She has a 500-page script written for a future Star Trek movie and is keen to take part in the Hollywood competition being convinced that her screenplay will be chosen as the winner and will be translated into a great movie . Wendy, however, faces many situations in her personal life, and while her therapist is convinced she is making progress, her sister is not as optimistic and she’s still quite scared of Wendy’s rage.
Besides all these things, after finishing the script, Wendy realizes that there is still a problem. The deadline is approaching fast and just what started the weekend, and the Monday after this weekend will be a feast and the post does not work, so it will miss the deadline for enrollment. She is quite close to Los Angeles to go there by bus and personally submit the script, but both her therapist and her sister have forbidden her to cross a certain street and have been subject to this rule for a long time, but now she will have made an important decision; still follow this rule or follow his dream and leave alone in Hollywood.

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