Pokémon Detective Pikachu

After discovering that they can communicate in a surprising way, Tim Goodman, a 21-year-old boy, is forced to work with detective Pikachu, the intelligent and adorable Pokémon who was a companion of his father, a well-known private investigator who has mysteriously disappeared. To find it, Tim and Pikachu will follow the clues through Ryme City, a gigantic metropolis where humans and Pokémon live in harmony, until uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the coexistence of both species. Become one of the great brands of multigenerational entertainment, with an emporium that ranges from video games, toys and television series, to blockbuster animated films, Pokémon now becomes a real-life feature film where flesh and blood humans share a futuristic city with these nice creatures. Rob Letterman (Nightmares) directs Pokémon Detective Pikachu, a fun mix of adventures, black movies and science fiction, where a twenty-year-old and the well-known Pikachu (in private investigator version with the voice of Ryan Reynolds) will form a tandem that will try to unveil the mystery around of the disappearance of the father of the young man. Under this premise, inspired by the video game of the same name in 2016, a surprising plot of conspiracies will be developed that threatens the peaceful coexistence between humans and Pokémon. Justice Smith (Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom), Kathryn Newton (The Return of Ben), Bill Nighy (The Bookstore) and Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe (Bel Canto) lead the cast of this film that will delight both the fans of the franchise (for the wide catalog of recognizable characters that participate), as of the newcomers in this universe, who can enjoy an entertainment full of action and humor for all audiences.

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