Shin Roo leads me to a successful restaurant in a traditional area. She gets to be implicitly involved in a real-life battle with a construction company led by Tae-san Mafiot. The company wants to demolish small local businesses to build a huge shopping center for Chinese tourists. One night, when Roo is being evicted in her store by Tae-san’s men, her mother is accidentally killed in a violent confrontation. Roo contacted my estranged father, Shin Seok-heon, to inform him of his wife’s death and the funeral that will take place.

Seok-heon, a security guard who also deals with petty theft, gains telekinetic powers after drinking water from a mountain spring where a meteorite had fallen before. He arrives at the funeral of his ex-wife and witnesses a confrontation between his daughter and President Min, who manages the operations of Tae-san. He’s trying to give Roo’s compensation for his loss, but she definitely refuses.

Seok-heon learns more about the war between his daughter and mobs from Kim Jung-hyun, a friend of my friend Roo. Seok-heon tries to get close to his daughter, but she’s still mad at him because he abandoned her when he was a child, and when he later tries to show him the capabilities he has recently acquired, Roo me accuses her of being an irresponsible parent. Local business owners join Roo-mi in the legal battle he has against Tae-san, and he also denies the compensation he has provided.

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