Raees, from Fatehpur, Gujarat, engages in illegal activities with alcohol transactions at a very early age. Along with Sadiq, Raees is working for a notorious gangster named Jairaj who smuggles alcohol while being left alone by the police he has on his payroll. Although he is a smuggler, he leads a fair life based on certain noble life principles, as taught by his mother who told him that any occupation is good as long as it does not hurt anyone.
He decides to separate Jairaj professionally and start to deal with one. He meets Musabhai and Nawab in Mumbai, and with their help he begins his business. Meanwhile, an honest police officer, J.A. Majmudar, wants to stop this activity with illegal drinks. Raees is in love with Aasiya and she soon accepts her marriage proposal and the two soon formalize her relationship.
Majmudar is transferred to Fatehpur and begins virulent action against alcohol smugglers. All smugglers accept to collaborate, only Raees does not want to. Majmudar continues to gather information about Raees, and he manages to find ways to avoid it and to continue to see his activities. Because of the differences with Raees, Jairaj is trying to kill him. Majmudar is again transferred, this time to Kutch where his work is hardened because Raees ‘activities are supported by influential people who have some interest in Raees’ activities to continue.

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