Ralph Breaks the Internet

After six years of the first film, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz became the best friends and went out every night after work at Litwak’s Arcade Family Fun. While Ralph is pleased with his current life, Vanellope says he is bored in his games because of predictability and wants to have something new. One day, Ralph tries to fulfill his wish by creating a secret bonus track within a race.
Vanellope does not obey the player’s orders to test the new track, but the situation results in a conflict between her and the player, and the steering wheel is ruined. Since the company that produced Sugar Rush went bankrupt, one of the children found a replacement on eBay. However, Litwak is of the opinion that he is too expensive for his options and has no choice but to give up playing, leaving homeless characters and jobs.
Later that night, after talking to Fix-It Felix Jr., Ralph decides to enter the Internet through Litwak’s newly installed Wi-Fi router to get the new eBay steering wheel. Ralph takes it with him and Vanellope, and even if he places the $ 27001 winning bid, they do not have that money to claim the product and only have 24 hours to get it. The two are calling on J. P. Spamley to make money quickly by committing an offense in his favor.

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