Rambo- Last Blood

Finally retired in his old family ranch, John Rambo lives a quiet life with Maria and her granddaughter, Gabriela, an orphan of a mother whose father abandoned her as a child. Although Rambo, who has become a father figure to her, does not want her to travel to Mexico to meet that abusive man, Gabriela decides to cross the border. When he does not return, Rambo will leave in search of him and, after finding her drugged and raped by members of a dangerous cartel, will unleash all his fury against them. 40 years ago, Cornered (in English First Blood) turned an Oscar nominee Sylvester Stallone (Creed II: The Legend of Rocky) back then into the great action hero of the 80s (with permission from Schwarzenegger). As the title indicates, Rambo: Last Blood will be the last chance to enjoy the bloody adventures of this soldier whose post-traumatic disorder goes back to the Vietnam War. With a certain twilight western scent, this fifth installment of the saga, directed by Adrian Grunberg (Vacation in Hell), presents the former green beret in a golden retreat, surrounded by horses and a happy family, which is interrupted when a dangerous cartel kidnaps, and abuses, its adopted granddaughter. Created as a tribute to the iconic character, the film shows the most intimate side of an emaciated Rambo physically and mentally in the most personal battle he has fought; a hell of revenge where you will dust off your ruthless survival, weaponry and stealth skills. Together with Stallone, they complete the distribution of this film full of brutal spectacle and action Yvette Monreal (Lowriders), Sergio Peris-Mencheta (As life itself) and the winners of Goya Paz Vega (The immoral life of the ideal couple) and Oscar Jaenada (Gold), among others.

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