Davies Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) is more pleased to work and to be among the primates than to deal with people, preferring to maintain a certain distance from them. Davis has a special relationship with a silver gorilla that George called her, and she was very intelligent and has been in his care for most of her life. This gentle primate becomes the subject of a genetic experiment whose outcome is dramatic and transforms it into a creature of immense proportions.

Outside of the vast size, George becomes extremely aggressive and out of control. Evil news does not stop here, because soon it is discovered that along with George the same genetic mutations suffered a wolf and a crocodile, which in turn are out of control. As these creatures from different species struggle with each other for supremacy, North America becomes their battleground, and the damage these creatures produce are immense. Okoye has to collaborate with a genetic engineer whose reputation has received some hard blows (Naomie Harris) to try to create an antidote and struggles not only to prevent a global catastrophe but also to save the fierce beast that was once girlfriend.

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