Red Sparrow

Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence) is a great deal. She is a devoted daughter determined to protect her mother regardless of costs. A talented ballerina whose ferocity pushed his body and mind beyond the absolute limits. A master in seductive and manipulative struggles. When her ballerina career is curtailed by a terrible injury, Dominika and her mother have the future under uncertainty. Desiring to provide her and her mother with a stable, worry-free future, Dominika is left to be manipulated to enroll in the Sparrow School.

This school is a secret school that recruits and instructs future spies for secret services and teaches young people with the potential, as it is, to use their mental and physical abilities as real weapons against enemies. After being subjected to sadistic and perverse instructional procedures, she passes the tests and becomes the most dangerous “Sparrow” this program has ever produced. Dominika must adapt the person who was with the new powers he currently holds. Now her own life and everyone she loves is in imminent danger, and an American agent from the CIA does everything possible to convince her that she has to trust no one else but him.

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