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Gordon Dunn (inventor of a revolutionary memory extraction machine) is found dead and his mysterious friend Sam Bloom (Peter Dinklage) tries to solve the mystery surrounding his death. Gordon’s device is an intriguing one that offers a supposed objective window of a person’s past. When you see the past through its invention, you look at events unfolding without personal implications or omissions caused by the natural forgetfulness that is going on. Moreover, when you follow the images recorded directly into the person’s brain, you can put it in the posture.
The camera presents what the user has seen in his past and what he has lived throughout his life – from birthday parties, to exotic trips, moments of physical intimacy with loved ones or quarrels with the same people. All of this, however, does not motivate Gordon’s death in any way, and he has not formally established whether his death is one of natural, accidental causes, or killed, so Sam is very keen to know the truth.
Sam is aware that any stain left on Gordon’s inheritance will have a negative impact on Cortex, the elderly bureaucrat Lawton (Henry Ian Cusick) and the agitated lach Neil Frankel (Chad Krowchuk). So Sam starts his own search for answers and begins with a meeting with Gordon’s widow, Carolyn (Julia Ormond). During this seemingly banal conversation, Sam steals Gordon’s prototype of memory transcription and begins to look for his patients in an attempt to find out if any of them have any reason to kill him.

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