Resident Evil- Vendetta

The story of the film has its place between the events in Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. BSAA agent Chris Redfield follows Glenn Arias, a merchant who is on the government’s revenge mission for killing his family and wife on their wedding day. Chris and some of his colleagues infiltrate a Mexican villa after Kathy White, their undercover source watching Arias’s organization, disappears without a trace with her son, Zack.
Inside the villa, Chris’s colleagues are attacked by some aggressive zombies (including Zack), and they fall into deadly traps, Chris being the only survivor. Chris then nose his nose with Arias outside the villa and struggles with him, but he is easily defeated. He finds Kathy turned into a zombie, and now he obeys Arias. As Arias leaves with his associates, Maria and Diego Gomez, the BSAA arrives on time to save Chris and kill Kathy.
Meanwhile, Rebecca Chambers, now a university professor specializing in vaccine development, a former member of Chris’s STARS unit, and survivor of the famous villa incident, is studying a new form of the T virus he calls “Anomality” or “Virus -A “. This virus is supposed to have the ability to make any individual latent until the appropriate trigger is present. It identifies three components of the virus: T-Virus, Las Plagas and the latent virus. While her colleagues quickly turn into zombies, Rebecca is able to form a vaccine forum she administers and becomes immune to the gas.

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