Jen is a young woman in America who has a secret relationship with a French billionaire named Richard. The two go together in an isolated house that Richard holds in the middle of a desert with the intention of spending quality together before his annual hunting trip with his friends Stan and Dimitri. However, the two friends arrive earlier than planned, which disappoints Richard because he hopes to keep Jen secret.

The next morning, while Richard is gone, Stan tries to persuade Jen to sleep with him, claiming he would have made his advances the night before when they drank and drank. When Jen refuses to do that, Stan brutally violates him while Dimitri ignores them without any stress. Richard turns around and quarrels Stan, then giving Jen a large sum of money to simply forget what happened.

When Richard refuses to send Jen home, she runs into the desert while the men start watching her, reaching the edge of a precipice. Richard claims he’s calling the pilot to take Jen home, but he pushes her into the abyss where she’s presumed dead, and the three men agree to continue their hunting as if nothing had happened. Jen, however, survives the fall, and after recovering from shock, she decides to make her life a herd and produce a terrible death.

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