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Roman J. Israel, Esq

Roman lawyer J. Israel has fought on the side of the good since he is known, but the other colleagues from Los Angeles law firm where he works collect the laurels of his successes. He spent many years developing and perfecting a law that has the capacity to change the justice system for the better, by giving up his personal life to fight for justice. Not having his personal communication skills, but being brilliant in terms of laws, Roman is the brain behind the curtain and a partner in a law firm of two people, the second being his former professor.
When his partner and man in the first line suffers a heart attack, Israel is suddenly forced to take over his role and appear in the limelight. He then finds secrets about the law firm his partner has hidden and also finds out that the firm is on the verge of bankruptcy. Moreover, he is forced to look for another job when he discovers that the company’s goal of helping the poor and defenseless people has been trampled.
While he is looking for work, he meets Maya at an interview. The job interview is not happy at all, but Maya is trying to keep in touch with Israel. He eventually pays to George Pierce, the person his partner has empowered to take control of the firm if he suffers something. Israel does not integrate at all with the new team, even though Pierce offers some cases to deal with.

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