Placed in Gaza in a tumultuous period of the 1170s Before Christos, the film begins with the Jews enslaved by the Philistines led by the evil King Balek (Billy Zane) and his even more monstrous son Rallah (Jackson Rathbone). The Jews also have a needle for this fight in the person of Samson (Taylor James), a man who is the product of a miraculous birth that foretold that one day he will be the one to lead his people to freedom , being helped by his gift of superhuman power.

However, Samson is not fully convinced of all these things – even if he follows the religious teachings prohibiting him from drinking, touching the dead or cutting his hair, he believes there must be more peaceful ways of deals with the oppressors of his people. This attitude is not exactly the liking of his two parents (Lindsay Wagner and Rutger Hauer), and they are less satisfied when he announces that he wants to marry a beautiful philistine named Taren (Frances Sholto-Douglas).

Unfortunately for him, Rallah has already recognized the danger that Samson might represent and decides to create chaos during the wedding, making Samson finally rely on his powers and overcome more of himself hundreds of armed soldiers. Many years later, he assumed the role of community leader, but he would still like to agree with the King rather than launch a war against him.

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